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Not only do we SELL but we also BUY all reclaimed material. Best prices paid!

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…But we’re easy! Whether it’s stone, wood, slate or even ceramic (I can’t believe I just said the C-word) we may be interested in buying it. No matter how big or small your job lot is, please give us a call if you want rid of something (and you can’t be bothered to put it on eBay). We are interested in all things reclaimed no matter how weird or wonderful… but we won’t take any old rubbish! Please send us an email with some decent images, a description of what you have and we will let you know our price.

Reclaimed Materials

About Subs
About Subs
About Subs
About Subs

We have had all sorts of things through our hands, from nude statues to planters and flower beds. We have had rockeries, walling with coping and even a full archway! You’ll get sick of us saying this but as with most of our product side-lines they come and go from the showroom and stock yard only. We do not sell these items over the internet because you really have to see what you’re getting.

Reclaimed Yorkstone is a stunning and irreplaceable British wonder. The older it gets, the better it looks making it highly sought after for bespoke features such as hearths, mantle pieces, shelves etc. It is impossible to sell reclaimed stone over the internet because the thicknesses, sizes and colours all vary from piece to piece, batch to batch. If you are looking for a special feature for your home or garden you may as well make a day of it and come up to our stock yard where you will be able to see, touch, even smell the exact piece/pallet of stone you fancy. No newly quarries stone will have the same feel as a piece of genuine reclaimed Yorkstone…

See you at the showroom!