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As you may know, our humble little company has a big customer base! We dispatch all kinds of products all over the country. As it leaves our yard we say our tender goodbyes and that’s it, gone forever into the depths of society to fulfil it’s lifelong dream.

But we like to see what happens to it. You might create an awesome patio that makes your eyes glisten with pride, and want to show it off… or a bathroom or kitchen or indeed anything which has been constructed using our materials. At the end of every year, in true last-minute-headless-chicken style we normally call some of our customers who have ordered quite a bit, to take some pictures of their projects, some of which you can see here.

But of course, if you have something you are proud of which we have supplied you with, don’t be polite and wait to be asked, get some pictures over to us ASAP and we will do our best to post them on our site!