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Caithness 900×600

Porcelain Paving

With beautifully mysterious charcoal grey coloured swirls and veins giving the impression of a rich limestone or marble.

This is a full bodied material which means the ‘body’ colour matches the surface colour so any cuts to be made or edges on show will give the impression that it is a natural product. It is also rectified meaning the edges are cut with exceptional accuracy to precise 90 degree angles so that when laid over large paving areas the joints don’t ‘wander’.

These are also vitrified, which refers to the consistency of the quality and density throughout the body of the material. Whilst the slab surface looks textured, these are finished with an anti-slip, lightly undulating surface finish, providing the perfect finish for most applications.


with Bullnosed steps and step risers to match!

Steps 900x330x20mm

Risers 900x160x20mm




  • Size Guide

      insideoutside depth20




      Flag size: 900x600mm

      Anti Slip Rating – R11

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