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The Lillie Langtry

PRICE: £44.99m2 + VAT

SIZE: 300x150mm


MATERIAL: Chiselled Jerusalem Limestone

A unique choice. This Jerusalem Limestone tile has been heavily chiselled to give a rich and tactile texture and each tile has a ‘belly’, in other words thinner edges and thicker middle!

The subtle creamy shades will go with almost anything. Despite the uneven surface texture the stone itself has very low porosity meaning it is easy to keep clean; dirt will simply dry up and brush away.

Ideal for anyone looking to liven up any bare wall space. Great to give character to such as a chimney breast or make a feature wall to add a touch of class and texture to a minimalist, spacious room.

300x150x12mm + ‘the belly’


Please note, some of the items in the Clearance Sale are simply old stock. The stone has been stored for many months and during this time the wooden crates in which they are stored may have deteriorated a little. Some products may have a very small percentage of chipped tiles, and we must remind you to order that little bit extra which you should do anyway, for cuts, wastage and breakages. You are paying less than cost price on some items which reflects the quality of the stone and packages.

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