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The Plains Of La Fontaine

PRICE: £19.99m2 + VAT
SIZE: 790 x 395 x 10mm
MATERIAL: Polished Finish Porcelain tile

Amazingly intense. Jet black scattered with fine white vein like markings. This marble effect porcelain tile gives the impression of gazing at galaxies to create a moody and atmospheric space. The dark shade makes this perfect for rooms with little or no natural light, which rely on mood lighting to create an ambience, such as bathrooms and ensuites. The intense and uniform patternation means this is ideal for flashes of colour and feature areas, offset with a neutral backdrop.


Please note, some of the items in the Sale are simply old stock. The stone has been stored for many months and during this time the wooden crates in which they are stored may have deteriorated a little. Some products may have a very small percentage of chipped tiles, and we must remind you to order that little bit extra which you should do anyway, for cuts, wastage and breakages. You are paying less than cost price on some items which reflects the quality of the stone and packages.

  • Size Guide

      395 x 790 x 11mm


      Also available:

      590x590x10mm @ £21m2+vat

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