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Reclaimed Yorkstone

Reclaimed Yorkstone is one of the most sought after building and finishing materials due to its beautifully natural and weathered appearance, which is something which cannot be faked. The older a piece of stone, the more character it gets. It literally gets better looking with age. I wish I could say the same about myself.

We get our hands on all kinds of reclaimed materials but one of our biggest sellers is reclaimed flags for patios and driveways. We source this material from all over the UK meaning it is very variable in nature. It generally tends to be very thick, rustic and heavy stuff which has a naturally weathered face and proudly displays its wear and tear from hundreds of years of use.

There is only so much natural reclaimed sandstone out there and it really cannot be copied so you need to get your hands on some before its all gone! Our reclaimed yorkstone is held at our stock yard and absolutely must be seen before you buy it. Its true beauty can only be appreciated in the flesh.

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