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King’s Landing 1200×600

Porcelain Paving

Hello architects, hello grand designers, this porcelain tile is on the cusp of modern design. For all of you looking for that ultra modern, industrial chic finish. While people are going mad for polished concrete, this is a fantastic alternative at a fraction of the cost,  this tile is functional and beautiful in its own industrial, architectural way.

Shades of mid to light grey with light texture and patternation. Suitable for almost anywhere in the home that you are brave enough to put it. Non-porous, hard wearing and consistent. The slabs have been machine cut so they have a clean, straight edge and they are calibrated to 20mm for ease of laying.

This is a full bodied material which means the ‘body’ colour matches the surface colour so any cuts to be made or edges on show will give the impression that it is a natural product. It is also rectified meaning the edges are cut with exceptional accuracy to precise 90 degree angles so that when laid over large paving areas the joints don’t ‘wander’.

These are also vitrified, which refers to the consistency of the quality and density throughout the body of the material. Whilst the slab surface looks textured, these are finished with an anti-slip, lightly undulating surface finish, providing the perfect finish for most applications.

Alternatively if you’re looking for a slightly darker shade of Grey, try our Stockholm Mid Grey, again in a huge 1200x600mm format.

Steps and Risers to match!




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