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Available in Light grey and Beige colours the grout is used to fill in the joints between your tiles. This might seem obvious but try to compliment the tile colour with the grout, i.e. if the tile is fairly warm in colour we advise the beige grout. We use this grout colour on the vast majority of our tiles. The Grey is used for colder tile colours and greys/ blacks. As with any grout, laid on a floor in high traffic areas it may require a little more maintenance as grouting tends to stain more easily.

Supplied in 10kg bags, each bag will cover very roughly 8-15m² depending on the size of your joints. The grout is flexible meaning it is suitable for all applications, walls, and floors of all types – wooden, concrete and under floor heated.

Sorry guys but we do not take returns on excess grout, adhesive or sealant, even if the bag is unopened, as every customer receives brand new materials.

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